Behind on Payments and Facing Foreclosure? Macomb County, MI

Macomb County, MI  – June 11, 2012

Fear of foreclosure is a national epidemic.

Millions of homeowners fell behind on their mortgage payments last year, and then proceeded to fall further behind every month.

These are tough times and there are no easy answers.

The fact is, major lenders, the federal government, and local agencies across the country have stepped up their efforts to stem the tide of foreclosures. More help is available than ever before.

As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, I am knowledgeable and  adept at navigating among the full range of solutions for helping financially distressed homeowners to make a fresh start.

Looking to learn more? Check out my free report: “Tipping the Scales Toward Foreclosure?” on my website  Resolve to Shed the Weight of an Unmanageable Mortgage in 2012.”

And if you, or someone you care about is looking to tip the scales back into financial solvency, contact me today for a confidential consultation! My phone number is 586-438-3038. I’m here to HELP homeowners in distress free of charge!  Call me today!


Dolores Gaskell is a Real Estate Agent/Broker in Macomb County, MI with more than 35 years experience in selling real estate in  Macomb County MI. She is a Foreclosure Alternative Expert who is dedicated to helping homeowners save their homes and avoid foreclosure. If you have any questions about loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures, or other options to save your home, please give her a call at 586-438-3038.
Macomb Metro Reatly, Inc., Chesterfield Township, MI 48047

About Dolores Gaskell

Broker/Owner of Macomb Metro Realty, Inc. in Chesterfield Township, MI. Over 37 years experience selling real estate in the Macomb County area, and Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE). Full service listing and selling Real Estate in Macomb County and surrounding areas. Short Sales and Foreclosures free consultation. Ask me for a list of satisfied customers and clients!
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